The Challenge

Build Brand Loyalty Among Small Business Owners

For many years, Avery Products have been the “go to” solution for labeling. However, in recent years other companies have presented lower cost label solutions, presenting a new challenge for the brand. Avery wanted to build loyal audiences and brand advocacy to counteract this problem, but they weren’t sure how exactly to go about doing that.

The Solution

Utilize Micro-Influencers and High-Quality Content

Redbird identified the differentiators between Avery and other labels, and then created an outreach strategy to build a team of brand advocates for Avery. We focused on those who would have a direct connection to the brand’s products, such as small business owners and creators (think Etsy sellers and Farmer’s Market vendors). From there, we developed an editorial calendar and high-quality content (videos, Pinterest pins, Instagram shareables and blog posts) for these influencers to post on their channels throughout the year, creating ongoing and consistent traffic from niche audiences for the brand.

“The Cookie Curator”

Make Over / Take Over

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