The Challenge

Shine a Light on the Health Insurance Maze

Banner Health came to us with a passion for providing consumers a clear navigation throughout the healthcare maze, more specifically healthcare insurance. They wanted to help consumers understand the particular insurance opportunities available to each of Banner Health’s identified personas.

The Solution

Create an Explainer Series with Humor and Heart

Our solution was first fortified by primary and secondary research regarding what the most often asked insurance questions are. We then developed a creative concept that would appeal to Banner Health’s established English and Spanish speaking personas. Finally, we filmed an engaging 6-part storytelling series in both English and Spanish.

Episode 1: “Open Enrollment”
Episode 2: “Co-Pay vs Coinsurance”
Episode 3: “In-Network vs. Out-of-Network”
Episode 4: “Deductible vs. Out-of-Pocket Maximum”
Episode 5: “FSA vs. HSA”
Episode 6: “Medicaid”