The Challenge

Create a Brand Expression Full of Depth and Heart

California Closets is committed to providing superior products and bespoke customization; however, the brand was concerned it wasn’t connecting deeply to its evolving target audiences — a mix of up-and-coming Millennials, high-earning Gen X’ers, and downsizing Boomers. In order to deepen these customer relationships and convey the quality of the brand, California Closets needed branded content that would raise awareness and convert customers.

Our Solution

Make a High Quality Print Publication for Customers

Redbird conceived and created Ideas of Order: a rich, editorial print magazine that serves as the heartbeat of the brand. To be successful, Ideas of Order had to connect authentically with customers (beyond the reader’s organizational needs), and could not feel like a sales pitch, while still driving sales. Indeed, Ideas of Order would go on, year upon year, to be a tactile center of gravity for the brand—and hit numbers.

The Impact

Beauty, Rewards, and ROI

Ideas of Order outperformed all expectations. Only four weeks following an initial print run of 115,000 copies, distributed directly to customers, franchisees, designers, and industry tastemakers, the magazine showed a short-term ROI of $42 in sales for every dollar spent. Immediate increased demand urged two additional print runs of 25,000 each and the launch of a corresponding microsite.

Additionally, Ideas of Order received acclaimed industry recognition from press and media: highly-regarded design published Editor at Large announced the launch, titling the story California Closets Debuts a Magazine, and It’s Beautiful.” In 2017, Ideas of Order earned the top Content Council Pearl Awards for Best Magazine, Editorial and Best Magazine, Design, and in 2018, the top Platinum award from the International Award Associate’s Muse Creative Awards in the publication/magazine category.

Content Marketing Awards 2018 Winner Content Council Gold Winner Muse Creative Awards

Services Provided

  • Concept Development
  • Research & Writing
  • Magazine Design

  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Digital Strategy

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Email Newsletter