The Challenge

Tell a Compelling Story

Costco sells more organic food than any other retailer, even Whole Foods. The company also offers multiple non-tangible services such as insurance, mortgages and travel planning — services that are complicated to explain and sell to the customers rushing through the warehouse on their way to the rotisserie chickens. Costco wanted to grow awareness of their sustainability story, and they also wanted to grow awareness of the services they sell outside of their warehouses. But they didn’t know how to define their audiences and reach them with the stories that matter. They had already been impressed with Redbird’s approach to pull marketing, which was aligned with Costco’s “we don’t advertise” ethos. Could Redbird come in and help Costco create an authentic, “we’re not advertising” approach to these important initiatives?

Our Solution

Find and Activate Audiences that Care

Redbird helped bring to life a full omnichannel strategy to raise customer awareness of sustainability and services. We first helped Costco define their customer personas, their mindsets, and what would spark them to action. We reimagined and redesigned Costco Connection magazine, developing meaningful stories for these personas. We then conceptualized and created a program called “Costco My Life,” designed to reach and recruit key audiences on digital platforms. We ultimately worked with multiple teams at Costco — developing voice and tone guides for customer support, creating content for their website and social channels, and developing a marketing strategy for Costco Services. We’re really proud of the work we’ve done on behalf of Costco as their first agency partner on content marketing initiatives.

Services Provided

  • Concept Development
  • Research & Writing
  • Magazine Design

  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Digital Strategy

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Email Newsletter