The Challenge

Tell a Compelling Story

Costco traditionally made very few investments in the arena of paid marketing or social media. But Redbird had an opportunity to share our view of pull marketing with them, and we piqued their interest enough to try out some meaningful, targeted efforts. We’re really proud of the work we’ve done on behalf of Costco to support their first digital content marketing initiative ever.

Our Solution

Branded Experience and Social Content

We conceptualized and created a program called “Costco My Life,” designed to support three of Costco’s goals: to reach Millennials, to share Costco’s commitment to organic food and to promote Costco’s travel packages. We helped groups collaborate with one another to develop a content strategy that satisfied multiple lines of business. The initiative led to the launch of Costco’s Pinterest channel and to an ongoing advisory role with their social team.

The Results

The program achieved its goal of increased awareness of the website. We received 1 million+ impressions, sent 170K clicks to the My Backyard Microsite on, generated conversation with 3.4% engagement around Costco My Backyard on Facebook, and even influenced international marketing, as Costco Canada launched an identical series. We also created a paid campaign to support the initiative that had stunning results, achieving a 3.7% CTR on Costco My Backyard and a 6.4% CTR on our separate Backyard Makeover campaign.

Services Provided

  • Social Strategy
  • Content Strategy

  • Content Development
  • Data and Analytics

  • Campaign Development
  • Landing Page Design