The Challenge

Connect Isolated Teachers to One Another

The Gates Foundation is deeply committed to K-12 education, and their research showed a significant problem–teachers felt isolated from one another, and from consistent access to teaching best practices. So they developed a thesis: If a teacher in Boise could connect with and share information and resources with a teacher in Orlando, the community would elevate the practice and students would reap the benefits.

Our Solution

Create a Space for Teachers to Share and Learn

Redbird developed and launched the Teacher2Teacher (T2T) platform. We recruited and actively engaged with tens of thousands of teachers nationwide to celebrate the profession of teaching and attract teachers to collaborate and connect with one another. Redbird also produced content to spark connections: a series of videos showcasing grantees in action, visual content for social streams, and developed email to articulate and amplify their story to key stakeholders.

Teacher2Teacher Anthem Video
Teacher Appreciation Week
Teacher Resource Center Design & Development

Social Shareables

The Impact

A Fast-Growing, Robust Community

Within months of launching the T2T program, we were engaging teachers at a rate 3x the industry average. Our content mix of original video, photography, articles and social — fueled by a robust influencer engagement program – ultimately helped to connect hundreds of thousands of teachers and measurably improve practice and learning.

Services Provided

  • Messaging Hierarchy
  • Copywriting
  • Style Guide

  • In-Store Collateral
  • In-Store Video
  • Hangtags & Signage

  • Mobile Showroom Design
  • Graphics Production
  • Storyboards