The Challenge

Connect Teachers Here With Teachers There

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is leading the pack when it comes to expanding educational opportunities across the United States. By engaging in conversation with thousands of teachers across the country, the Foundation heard loud and clear that teachers were feeling undervalued, overwhelmed, pressed for time and inundated with demands. There was plenty of great content out there for the professional development of teachers, but there was not a focused, central entity helping teachers move out of isolation and into a larger professional network or community.

Our Solution

Harness the Power of Social Streams to Form a Community of Classrooms

Redbird jumped at the opportunity to help increase the momentum behind Teacher2Teacher, a series of social media streams designed to offer teachers the support networks they need to connect and improve student outcomes. By elevating the voices of educators, Redbird’s content strategy and social media engagement has paved way for teachers to spend less time hunting for materials, information and professional networks and more time improving their practice.

The Results

Within six months, Redbird helped grow the Teacher2Teacher audience to more than 200,000 highly engaged audience members. Average engagement rate on Facebook is 5%. Average engagement rate on Twitter is 2%. Our innovative T2T emblem “bat signal” has a 85%-95% response rate, and our hashtag whyiteach has been averaging 1000+ uses per week.


The teacher stories we surface and humorous videos we develop help teachers “find their tribe,” build bridges with one another, and learn new ways to inspire and challenge their students. Several content pieces have gone viral to an extended audience, including a video that received 2 million+ views to date.


Most importantly, teachers feel elevated and celebrated by Teacher2Teacher. The connections we’re building between teachers are creating positive mindsets about the profession and aim to drive an increase in teacher leaders, which will in turn lead to the usage of critical tools and improved practice.

Services Provided

  • Social Strategy
  • Content Strategy

  • Community Management
  • Video Production

  • Influencer Engagement and Management
  • Design Strategy