The Challenge

Transform a Conference to Serve a Community

Myotonic is a non-profit that works to raise awareness and fund research for Myotonic Dystrophy — a surprisingly common rare disease. Every year, they host a conference for those living with the disease and their families, and the researchers whose work is advancing new treatments. Where does Redbird come in? Impactful conference design that promotes community.

The Solution

Connection Comes First

Using the organization’s new branding, we created a visual and interactive space that brought impactful design to life. We not only transformed a typical conference space but also allowed the Myotonic community to interact with the brand in thoughtful and meaningful ways. Our installations included: photo booths where attendees could take photos with loved ones, banners where those impacted by the disease could share their stories, “fast facts” posters, gene string column covers, and an interactive “My Passport” experience that encouraged attendees to actively participate for the chance to win prizes. Overall, putting people first was the differentiator, and we could not be more thrilled by how this conference design turned out.

Ballroom and Mainstage Design
Community Inspired Welcome Signage and Stage Art
Interactive Story Wall
“Instagrammable Moment” Photo Booth
Engagement boosting Raffle Program
By the Numbers Display Boards

Services Provided

  • Content Audit
  • Situational Audit
  • E-Commerce Framework

  • Social Media Audit
  • Data Visualization
  • Presentation Design

  • Brand Messaging
  • Logo Evolution
  • Brand Style Guide