The Challenge

Support Utility Customers in their Quest to be Energy Efficient

PG&E, the natural gas and electric utility provider for northern and central California, has a strong pledge to be an environmental leader. They’re making amazing strides, but didn’t have a content team to help drive awareness and elevate their energy efficiency programs to their customers.

Our Solution

A Cross-Platform Strategy to Engage and Activate Key Audiences

We worked with PG&E to create a multi-pronged approach to reach people at thought leadership events, through influencer engagement, and with digital content that both educated and inspired. We targeted the developers who would create technology solutions for PG&E customers, as well as small and medium-sized retail business owners who, as PG&E customers, have much at stake in saving on energy costs.

Services Provided

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Influencer Engagement Strategy

  • Thought Leadership Outreach
  • Graphic Design

  • Copywriting
  • Video Production