The Challenge

Prep a Brand With a Big Idea to Make an Even Bigger Splash

PositionMatch is shaking up the hiring process, matching quality candidates with Fortune500 companies for which they are a fit using a series of science-based, online assessments. Used internally, it can also help leadership determine if the right people are in the right places. The concept was so logical, so innovative — all it lacked was a launching pad (along with a strategic marketing plan).

Our Solution

Build from the Bottom Up

We began by working with PositionMatch to define their brand — where could we bring clarity and confidence to such a fresh idea? Once on firmer, brand identity-ground, we turned our attention to the creation of a powerful website. Redbird aimed to clearly convey the “what” and the “how,” grounding the actual assessment process in a space that was easy to navigate with both candidates and employers at the wheel.

Services Provided

  • Social Strategy
  • Content Strategy

  • Branding
  • Collateral

  • Website UX
  • Multi-Platform Design