The Challenge

Connect Small Business Owners with Useful Content and Tools

Small Business Owners are a key and valued part of Staples’ customer base. When Redbird first joined Staples’ team, they had invested in a sponsored group for Small Business Owners on LinkedIn and wanted to create more content or digital experiences that would further strengthen their relationship to this audience.

The Solution

Create a One-Stop-Shop for Easy Business “Wins”

Using our knowledge of what matters most to small business owners (SBO) thanks to three years of community building on LinkedIn, we developed the QuickWins app for Staples. The app featured a customizable analytics platform that allowed SBOs to track their performance on various platforms, tips on how to improve their performance on said platform, and an in-app community where they could trade tips with other SBOs.

“QuickWins: PF Candles”
“Quick Wins: King Harbor Brewing Co.”