The Challenge

Connect Small Business Owners with the Brand

Small Business Owners are a key and valued part of Staples’ customer base. When Redbird first joined Staples’ team, they had invested in a sponsored group for Small Business Owners on LinkedIn called SUCCEED. Staples needed help managing, interacting and growing this important audience. They aimed to strengthen their relationship through community engagement, great content, and digital experiences.

The Solution

Content Sourced by and for a Lively Community

Redbird’s small business influencer, Emily, became the face of SUCCEED and we managed what became the most engaged sponsored group on the LinkedIn platform for the next three years. Then, using our knowledge of what matters most to small business owners (SBO), we developed video and shareable content for Staples’ social channels, including Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. We repurposed our social content for Staples’ blog, direct mail, and newsletters, as well as for the QuickWins app.

“Ocean State Theater” Contest Winner
Branded Slideshares
“Trade Secrets: Bites & Bashes”
“Trade Secrets: The Arsenal”


The Impact

Top Ranking Among Sponsored Groups on LinkedIn

Within months of kicking off our work, the Staples Small Business Network on LinkedIn achieved a No. 1 quality score ranking among sponsored groups. The content we created generated strong engagement and participation in the group sharply increased. This same content was also leveraged across Staples’ social streams and internal channels.

Services Provided

  • Content Audit
  • Situational Audit
  • E-Commerce Framework

  • Social Media Audit
  • Data Visualization
  • Presentation Design

  • Brand Messaging
  • Logo Evolution
  • Brand Style Guide