Redbird helps brands find, reach, and engage students, teachers, administrators and IT decision makers.

When education marketers need to establish and grow relationships, they come to Redbird. We help you understand who your audiences are, what they seek, and then identify where and how to most meaningfully reach them across channels.  This approach results in meaningful engagement and measurable outcomes. 

We offer a full range of education marketing services.

Brand & Audience

Whether qualitative, quantitative or a combination of the two, we customize our research and persona process to your exact needs.

Marketing Strategy & Creative Campaigns

Strategy and ideation will always be grounded in business and marketing goals, ensuring all creative work to come will impact your bottom line.

Content Creation

Our creative teams, including Redbird Studios and Redbird Print, work hand-in-hand with strategists to bring creative visions to life.

Analysis & Content Refinement

After any creative goes live, we work closely with partners to measure, analyze, reflect and edit to ensure the work meets established goals.

Here are a few ways we’ve helped
brands find, inspire, and engage students, educators, administrators, and IT decisionmakers 



Decisionmaker Understanding

Redbird conducts qualitative and quantitative audience research and performs analysis to identify and understand the students, educators and administrators who make education decisions. From selecting a college to selecting classroom software, we have developed a deep understanding of these key audiences, who influences these decisionmakers, and how to reach the personas we’ve created as a result.

Education clients come to us for a wide range of research and strategy, including competitive research, content audits, gap analyses, audience journeys, personas, content voice and tone guidelines, and campaign strategies.



Teacher Community Building

Redbird has more than 10 years of experience building and growing cross-platform communities of niche audiences, including teachers. For one of the world’s largest foundations, we developed and launched a platform to support educators and thus improve student outcomes. We recruited and actively engaged with tens of thousands of teachers nationwide to celebrate the profession of teaching and attract teachers to collaborate and connect with one another. Redbird produced content to spark connections: a series of videos showcasing grantees in action, visual content for social streams, and developed email to articulate and amplify their story to key stakeholders.

Redbird also creates testimonial content by and for the education audiences our clients serve. We develop authentic cross platform series — videos, social shareables, blog posts — that elevate and authenticate our clients’ products and services through the voices the audiences trust most — their peers.

Anthem Video

Why I Teach

Teacher Appreciation Week

Why We Teach



Telling Stories of Impact

Redbird has a special relationship with Teach For America, as our educational strategy and research team have been led by several alumni of this organization. TFA hired Redbird to develop a creative approach and execute a “change makers” profile video series celebrating those Teach For America alumni who truly made a difference in their schools, in their districts, and in their cities. Over several years, we’ve executed beautiful and meaningful videos and are proud to see our work in action for TFA.

Teach for America

A Tale of Tomorrow: Marisol Pineda Conde

Teach for America

“School Leaders”

We truly understand what it means to be in a classroom.



Educator Engagement

It’s not an easy job to be a teacher trying to effect change — it requires a strong heart and mind. We’ve helped our clients champion these leaders in education in an effort to build awareness and morale. The video stories below illustrate our remarkable success capturing and sharing these stories of teacher leaders.

Gates Foundation US Programs

Kathleen Cleary Post-Secondary Vignette

Gates Foundation US Programs

Daren Chamberlin Early Learning Vignette

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