The Challenge

Illuminate EO’s Longtime Sustainability Commitment

EO Products is a pioneering beauty and skincare brand based in San Rafael, California. Founded 25 years ago, EO was among the first to commit to sustainability in the category: they dream up, research, develop, test, blend, bottle, market, and ship all essential-oil infused EO Products from one place: their family-owned, zero-waste factory.

EO’s core customers understood the brand’s commitment to sustainability and the environment, but as the product lines grew new customers did not. The brand is inherently humble, doing the right thing every day but not telling people about it. They needed to craft and convey their origin story, brand purpose, and product integrity more openly.

Our Solution

Tell the Story Across Platforms

Working from EO’s existing product design, packaging, and deep understanding of the brand’s values, Redbird designed a refreshed e-commerce website to better showcase its two product lines: EO and Everyone. We developed a suite of on-brand shareable content for its social media channels. We also produced an Anthem video telling their origin story, which led to a feature story on the company in the New York Times and, in turn, an accelerated deal between EO and Whole Foods.

Services Provided

  • Concept Development
  • Brand Identity

  • Retail Design
  • Event Design

  •  Influencer Selection

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