Your audiences are seeking a human connection. Redbird partners with you to make that happen.

When healthcare companies need to establish and grow relationships, they come to Redbird to develop content that connects to the hearts and minds of their audiences — patients, caregivers, employees, community members, even policymakers. We do this by helping you understand who your audiences are, what they seek, and then identify where and how to most meaningfully reach them across channels.  This approach results in meaningful engagement and measurable results. 

We offer a full range of healthcare marketing services.

Brand & Audience

Whether qualitative, quantitative or a combination of the two, we customize our research and persona process to your exact needs.

Marketing Strategy & Creative Campaigns

Strategy and ideation will always be grounded in business and marketing goals, ensuring all creative work to come will impact your bottom line.

Content Creation

Our creative teams, including Redbird Studios and Redbird Print, work hand-in-hand with strategists to bring creative visions to life.

Analysis & Content Refinement

After any creative goes live, we work closely with partners to measure, analyze, reflect and edit to ensure the work meets established goals.

Here are a few ways we’ve helped
healthcare brands connect with patients to
meet their marketing goals



Patient Storytelling

When you go through a major medical procedure or event, there are few people more suited to tell your story than you. For our clients Banner Health and MD Anderson, we’ve created suites of patient stories that celebrated and amplified the brand’s superior patient care and caregiver compassion.

MD Anderson – Patient Profile

Clarence Bates, Prostate Cancer

Banner Health – Patient Profile

Doug Arthur, Heart Valve Replacement



Patient Support and Education

Healthcare can be overwhelming, and brands show true care for their audiences by educating — and demystifying — the most complex parts. We’ve helped a number of clients bolster their patient relationships with content that supports, informs, and guides them toward answers they need: around programs, preventive health care, insurance, and procedures.

Kaiser Permanente

Random Acts of Health – The Text

Kaiser Permanente

Random Acts of Health – New Mom

Banner Health

Get Care Now

Banner Health

Healthcare 101 – Co-pay vs Co-Insurance

Banner Health

Procedure Specific
Landing Pages



Engagement & Acquisition

Content that converts? That’s a sweet spot for us at Redbird. Our clients look to us to transform complicated ideas and make them simple, interesting, and fun for their audiences to consume, understand, and act upon.

Banner Health Instagram Story
Banner Health

“Urgent Care or ER?” Instagram Story

One Medical

Flu Season Campaign

Our expertise extends to connecting 
healthcare brands to audiences closest to home.



Content for Local Communities

We help hospital systems connect to their communities through meaningful creative that resonates with the people they serve. Their audiences feel elevated and celebrated when we highlight the caregivers, the patients, and the neighborhoods where they live and work.

Banner Health

Banner University Medicine: Tucson



Employee and Medical Professional Engagement

It’s not an easy job to be a healthcare professional — the industry requires a strong heart and mind. We’ve helped brands champion niche audiences in an effort to build awareness and morale. The infographic below illustrates our remarkable success building and cultivating a multi-platform community of nurses on behalf of SPI, the parent company of Cherokee and Dickies Scrubs. 

Dickies & Cherokee Uniforms
Dickies & Cherokee Uniforms

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