About Redbird

Our Story

Redbird creates content and experiences that get to the heart of what people care about.

We are anthropologists of purpose. Translators of corporate to customer. Our deep experience in journalism, filmmaking, strategy and design gives us the super power to identify narratives that matter, and bring them to life at every interaction.

We’re woman-owned, people-driven, results-obsessed, all-in. We get up every morning with a passion for doing the best possible work for our clients in ways that are innovative, impactful and clear.

We are Redbird. Our name is a reflection of the clarity we value. It’s from a favorite Wallace Stevens poem – the appearance of a red bird, boldly standing out against a tangled landscape. We help our clients stand out by finding their voice, focusing their message, and being, in essence, more human.

Redbird is a boutique creative and strategic marketing agency that was founded in 1996. Redbird has leveraged the power of storytelling and connection to develop award-winning magazines, websites, mobile apps, videos and social content across platforms for companies like Staples, Costco, Kaiser Permanente, PG&E and Estee Lauder, and for philanthropic organizations including The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Annenberg Foundation. We are a certified Women Owned Small Business based in Los Angeles.

The Business of Being Human

Business transformation is not the adoption of technology, it’s the unearthing of humanity.

The shift in today’s marketing landscape may be driven by technology, but it goes much deeper than that.

The shift is actually about people, humans, being empowered to self-select what they want to align with, buy, and share. And not surprisingly, they’re choosing what feels, for them, authentic and true.

With customers in the driver’s seat, brands and marketing departments are struggling to keep up and remain relevant. Teams are overwhelmed with following trends, revising models, reinvesting dollars, justifying progress, proving ROI, and adapting culturally. All while trying to put out a great product or service that meets and exceeds market expectations.

At Redbird, we see this a lot. Together, we have our work cut out for us.

So first, let’s get to the heart of things:

Empathy and humanity are the foundation from which great brands shift, transform and grow. Without it, success is superficial, fleeting and unsustainable. Why?

  • Audiences are not just profiles and stock photos and data points, and their behaviors don’t happen in actual funnels. It’s messier than that. There’s no single formula for success. Audiences are made up of real people living real lives — lives which your product or service will enhance, or disrupt. They are more than their ages, genders and locations. Their motivations, joys, and challenges give insights to the unmet needs your brand can authentically fill.
  • Today, brand perception is reality. You can’t fake it. A campaign slogan alone is not a new brand strategy. You must define and lean into your company’s values, live and celebrate them, share them with every person who works with you, and infuse them into your products and services. Because connected, educated consumers have a sixth sense for which companies mean it and which do not.
  • Your company’s potential for impact and growth is bigger than your products and services — it’s your platform for creating connection that holds the most power. Connection comes from understanding, empathy. Brands, today, have an unprecedented opportunity to shape culture and opinion, if they tune in, listen, and find the intersection of their values and their audience’s.

Laying a foundation of empathy — making your brand more human — is hard but important work. From there, the right strategies, tactics, measurements and KPIs emerge. From there, the right content, creative, and experiences are developed to excite, ignite, and spur audiences to action.

So, let’s be smart, strategic, courageous and creative. Let’s not underestimate the humans we’re serving. Let’s boldly offer today’s discerning, connected customers more reason to choose, and be loyal to, your brand. And beyond that, let’s not underestimate our ability to make powerful, meaningful change.

Redbird helps brands, CMOs and marketing teams reach people by creating content and experiences they care about.

We make big brands human.