The Challenge

Connect with the Next Generation

How does a premium brand like J.P. Morgan stand out in a cluttered content world? And how, specifically, do its asset managers substantially earn the trust and capture the imagination of “Next Generation” investors – those Gen Xer’s and Millennials who demand hands-on involvement with their financial decision-making, and are noticeably concerned about the impact of their wealth on the world, society, and the Environment.

Our Solution

Share Insights, Don’t Sell

Redbird’s research team worked to better understand the point of view and priorities of J.P. Morgan’s “Next Gen” including successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and innovators — as well as the large population of inheritors – recipients of the “Great WealthTransfer” of over $15 trillion to be passed down by individuals with $5 million + by 2030.


We then developed an editorially-driven print strategy, centered on a magazine positioned to deliver future-facing insights to this demanding audience. Our plan included editorial positioning, story lineup, editorial architecture, contributor recruitment, packaging, distribution, cross-platform extensions, and feedback loops for ongoing evaluation of the program including KPI’s, surveys, and social tie-ins.